Morrow wins award for Effective Ageing By Design


Design that does not patronise but celebrates, that emphasises but not sympathises, that engages and resonates

Last week we won a branding award for our work for Morrow.

The category looks for products that have been effectively designed to reach an older target population, and inspire a whole new generation.

We attended the awards show on May 26th, in the heart of Shoreditch and home to many creatives, we enjoyed a night of celebrations and were very pleased to win an award for our branding work with Morrow Autofocal Eyewear.

Our work for Morrow encompasses all characteristics of this category - successfully resonated with the target audience - over 45s. And conveyed through an array of consumer touchpoints how this revolutionary technology can improve their way of life, not just the way they look.

Read the Morrow case study here