Employee's side hustle gets GQ-approval



Did you know we spend 47% of our waking time daydreaming? And that scent is the most powerful sensory trigger to activate our brain's 'daydream mode'? Neither did we, but once our Senior Strategist Mike Tristram found this insight, he was surprised that no one was tapping into this. So he turned it into a creative side-hustle.

Launching into one of the most saturated markets on the planet was daunting, but taking everything he has learnt at CK - he's managed to cut-through and get on the radar (and under the noses) of some of the biggest names in UK press and media. Since launched it's been credited as the 'Best Scented Candles' by Grazia and British GQ as well as featured in the Future of Home Fragrance by Stylus! Keep up to date with what happens next via their website: DAYDREAMIN'.

"Candle start-ups are a dime a dozen. DAYDREAMIN’ is a brand that’s managed to cut through however. One sniff, and trust us, you'll get it..."

British GQ