Transforming Byron burger’s branding & hospitality experience

Rebranding Byron burger, the original casual dining brand

Modern dining habits are changing. Nearly a third of diners now eat every single meal alone. As one of the pioneers of the casual dining revolution in the UK, we supported Byron’s brand transformation in a rapidly changing food and hospitality sector - re-imagining their brand positioning, visual identity system and restaurant interior design.

The brand’s original mission to ‘bring people together over proper food and good times’ inspired our new brand design concept. Bringing the brand and people together - friends, family, colleagues, strangers - under a single brand direction ‘All Hail The Table’. Our expert brand communications and interior design studio brought this new brand platform to life across every brand asset and brand experience touchpoint. Everything from a dynamic brand identity design to the sociable restaurant interior design and branded packaging design for online food delivery platforms. Moving away from individually designed restaurant interiors and diverse brand design applications, the rebrand ensured Byron’s brand identity design remained consistent and creatively streamlined.

Taking a seat at the table: our creative visual identity design ‘seats’ Byron’s letters around the table, visually articulating their new brand strategy and positioning.
Proper food, good times: Byron’s new brand identity design reflected the Founder’s belief that ‘nothing beats a big juicy burger’.

Just like the creation of a Byron burger, it can be as simple or indulgent as necessary. The brand uses a common set of ingredients that get layered to match requirements.

Steven Ubsdell, Creative Director

Play with your food: our brand communications design incorporated a layering of visual “ingredients” creating a brand expression that Byron could ‘have some fun with’.
Indulgent, casual dining: Byron’s new restaurant interior design launched in Kensington High Street, with larger communal tables and social spaces for their first brunch menu.
From our table to yours: our branding design agency in London also introduced a new packaging concept specifically for digital take-away platforms like Deliveroo and Uber.
Sunny side up: The restaurant’s interior design concept reflected the Founder’s story, with a laid-back Californian vibe transforming the British burger scene.
Keeping it casual: A new streetwear inspired uniform with minimal branding design, added to the relaxed and sociable casual dining concept.
We’ll drink to that: our brand transformation for Byron saw the new brand identity design used in their first own-brand product line, the Byron lager.

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