L.Ercolani, a new sub-brand 100 years in the making

A future-proofed brand transformation design

To celebrate an important centenary year, premium English furniture maker Ercol appointed us to set the foundations for their brand for the next 100 years. Working as branding design consultants we directly collaborated with the Ercolani family and senior leadership team to create a new brand strategy and communications hierarchy to drive brand equity, growth and future-proof the brand for future generations.

We held brand strategy workshops which challenged their pre-existing brand proposition, product design, marketing campaigns and Ercol’s global retail design partnerships. We used insights from these sessions to reappraise Ercol’s brand purpose and brand positioning, re-aligning these with emerging consumer trends and market opportunities in their homeware category. We then restructured Ercol’s brand architecture and product segmentation, defining a new strategic approach to the brand’s product naming, brand storytelling and art direction/content creation.

The result was the creation of a new premium sub-brand, with it’s own brand identity design and creative philosophy. L. Ercolani, named after Ercol’s visionary founder, represents the past and future of Ercol. The L. Ercolani brand is a platform to collaborate with international designers to reinvent and further evolve its legacy of timeless designs. Created to outlive the ephemeral nature of trends with furniture designs crafted to be cherished for generations to come.

Timeless design for modern-day life: L.Ercolani’s brand launched with a collaboration with Norm Architects, marrying ercol's design legacy with Nordic modernism.
A sub-brand identity designed to drive enduring relevance: Christian Møller Andersen drew on his experience working with Kinfolk & high-end fashion brands to develop 'Modern Tones' for L.Ercolani.
A brand with purpose: our London-based branding agency developed L.Ercolani’s visionary brand positioning, visual identity system and communications direction to future-proof ercol’s sub-brand.

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