A first-of-its-kind, fashion pop-up for H&M

Moving at the speed of style culture.

H&M, the biggest name in global fashion. In a market where trends go in and out of style at breakneck speed - how does a brand, who has collaborated with the likes of Karl Lagerfeld and icons such as Naomi Campbell, continue to stay at the height of fashion when it comes to retail? Answer. They do something you’ve never seen before.

Only here. Only now.

Only the most unique experiences are worthy of Gen-Z's elusive attention span. With this in mind we worked with H&M to define a progressive new retail format strategy, for one of it’s Key Cities - NYC. The ambition was to bridge the divide between global brand and local culture, helping H&M connect authentically with new audiences.

The first format to surface from this exciting collaboration, is a new innovation-centric retail model – purpose-built to challenge perceptions and experiment with ‘first-of-its-kind’ experiences, before anywhere else in the world. Our strategy was to invite people into the progressive mindset of H&M. A who knew? Kind of place. One that evolves at the speed of culture over the course of a 12-month residency. Somewhere for both the brand and the consumer, to try something new.

Hyper-localised. Always in motion.

To realise this ambitious new retail concept, we devised an innovative design approach - infrastructure over architecture. Utilising a flexible plug and play retail system, the interior framework enables H&M to easily bring new experiences to life, at speed. Anything from seasonal fashion stories to experiential category takeovers, like fitness classes for H&M MOVE or an interactive Met Gala exhibition. Everything about the pop-up's design was devised to be deconstructed, reconfigured and creatively re-activated – from the façade to the floorplan to the product curation - so that no two experiences would ever be the same. Bringing consumers something new, and showing H&M as always fashion forward.

Serving up fashion in Williamsburg.

To launch this new retail format we brought to life a party-ready, winter wonderland pop-up to showcase H&M’s Holiday Campaign and Partywear Collection. Bright, sparkly and buzzing with festive excitement it features a metallic façade takeover and interactive snowflake projections paired with instagrammable disco-inspired installations throughout.

Taking inspiration form a traditional Brasserie interior – the spatial design is broken into distinctive spaces housing different colourways and product categories. The Gift Bar, Dining Room, ‘Content’ Kitchen, Private Dining and the all-important Powder Room – all of which ‘wear’ the collection in a fun and inspiring way. The whole experience is underpinned with new cutting-edge technology the brand is trialing for the first time in the US.

When you move, we MOVE.

For our second installment in this rotating pop-up series, we brought to life H&M's new athleisure brand MOVE with a space of it's very own - the MOVE STUDIO. Gone is the frozen holiday brasserie, and in comes an energetic yellow takeover to help kick start your #newyearnewme transformation.

Designed as a kinetic and tactile playground, it inspires every body to move in unexpected and playful ways. In an effort to democraticise movement, an in-house fitness studio offers a series of free daily health and fitness classes, run by Brooklyn-based community partners. Chromotherapy lighting in the space enables local Yoga, Pilates and Dance instructors to take their workout classes to new sensory heights - elevating both mind and body. It's fun, functional and ultimately - fashionable.

Linda Li, Head of Customer Activation & Marketing for H&M Americas

Never going out of style.

Designed to never stand still, over the course of the next 12-Months the space will feature numerous experiential activations and local partnerships with DJs to artists to patisseries. With an ever changing events programme and immersive spatial design takeovers planned, this is the one fashion pop-up where you really will want to 'watch this space'. Until next time...

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