Branding the world’s first Autofocal brand, Morrow

An ambitious start-up' brand identity design.

Morrow is the challenger brand that’s set to disrupt the eyewear market globally. Its revolutionary glasses solve the problem that people over the age of 45 often face; the ability to see both near and far. A single pair of Morrow glasses allows its wearer to see at every focal range – at the click of a button.

We met with the brand’s Belgian Founders and learned about their ambition to revolutionise the world of prescription glasses. They had founded a unique patented technology; had early prototypes and investors on board. What they needed was a way to bring their innovative brand proposition to market, appeal to customers and drive eye examinations in order to scale the business. For that they wanted to work with a trusted partner with expertise in both start-up brand identity design and retail customer experience design – that’s where we come in.

Sleek digital brand experience design: making their patented innovation and brand proposition customer facing was key to this start-ups brand identity design.

A customer-centric brand identity design

Working directly with the brand’s Founders, we developed Morrow’s end-to-end brand identity system and brand communications design. Encompassing brand strategy and positioning; creative visual identity design, new product development, online digital brand experience design, brand launch campaign and all content creation across every channel to bring Morrow to market.

Every part of this start-up' brand identity design was inspired by the language of vision. Using findings from Morrow’s neuromarketing study, our creative visual identity system was purposefully designed to appeal directly to the over 45s' desire for visual independence and individuality.

From the outset of Morrow’s brand journey Checkland Kindleysides lived and breathed our brand, our product and our ambition to improve the world’s vision in a click.

Pieter Hertecant, Chief Marketing Officer Morrow

A creative brand strategy & positioning: To bring meaning and character to the brand name “Morrow” we came up with its core brand strapline, that there’s always ‘Mor’ to see’.

A sophisticated digital brand experience design

A big part of bringing this start-up brand identity design to market was creating their consumer-facing digital brand experience. For this, we custom-built a bespoke platform from the ground up. Designing an innovative online UX experience and direct-to-consumer purchase journey alongside a brand communications design toolkit which allows consumers to try the lenses for themselves before purchase using both website and home visits.

A boldly creative visual identity design: The key brand colours are black and white; their opposition mimicking the switch in contrast from near to far vision and back again, instantly.
Holistic brand identity design: To reflect their premium brand positioning, we created a bespoke packaging design and unboxing experience with long-term sustainability in mind.
Visually appealing: Our brand communications design agency hand-selected models and managed the photoshoot in order to produce a compelling brand launch campaign.

A brand launch campaign with eye-raising results

Within the 1st two days of launch and with no media spend - over 200 people completed the self-assessment. Within one week of launch Morrow received bookings for the following six weeks, going on to be fully booked up to 7 weeks in advance. Beyond the brand launch campaign, the success of the creative visual identity design, new category positioning and digital brand experience design - Morrow went on to secure 10Million EURO's in additional funding and were named in the Top 100 Innovative companies in the world. Not only that, our creative visual identity design won 'Best Branding Design' in the Creativepool Annual 2022.

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