Adidas Originals Hanbury Street, the store that acts like a media channel

Not just for kicks

To discover adidas Originals Shoreditch is to discover a place which puts sneakerhead culture first and product commerce second. The unassuming space has quietly shaped the future of physical retail engagement by offering a multi-layered experience for all that find it. Established in the heart of Shoreditch it’s integrated into the fabric of the street and its creative community.  Together with adidas' consumer experience team we created a dynamic place which can be reconfigured. The space is ignited via a constant stream of culturally relevant content, product drops, activations, DJ sets and panel discussions.

The brand space itself was designed to encourage ‘unexpected moments’ of discovery
Recycle, reuse, repurpose - the doors to the store had a past life at the British Museum

Culture over commerce

We took a stripped-back approach to branding the space. It was important to both the locality and the mindset of the consumer to present the Adidas Originals as being part of the creative community. Simple, subtle and unostentatious, this space combines the spirit of an established independent trader with the boldness and attitude of the street artist.

Work from local artists and brand campaigns are projected onto the walls
The space is used to host a program of events that bring together the local creative community

‘Place’ has evolved beyond the physical

On-demand connectivity and relationships are the new brand currency – our conceptual thinking was based upon this mindset.

We wanted to design a platform for creativity, a place where content could get created, an events space in which everything that was created could be live-streamed by the brand to amplify the adidas Originals’ cultural capital.

Consumers can fully engage and connect with the brand on multiple levels and the space provides a platform to champion young creatives in the East London area.
In keeping with Adidas Originals brand ethos, we contrasted cultural references – spray stenciled logos are balanced against premium engraved brass plaques to create branding which embodies a sense of cultural awareness, innovation and heritage.

Global impact

15 Hanbury Street has firmly established itself as a key part of the London sneaker and streetwear culture to become the most commercially successful in the brand’s global retail estate in terms of sales per sq ft.

The concept inspired The Collection, a global retail concept now being rolled out globally to other fashion capitals including Tokyo.

A unique retail experience, combined with a platform to champion young local creatives in the East London area.

UK Brand Director, adidas Originals

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