Bringing wine tasting to the high-street

A brand experience for the connoisseur

Dan Murphy’s is Australia's leading liquor merchant, stocking an increasingly extensive range of local brewers and international imports. To bring to life the passion and expertise of the founder Dan Murphy, and further elevate the brand's positioning in the market, we created the Dan Murphy's Cellar. A world-class retail and hospitality experience, located in Melbourne's iconic Chapel Street - where Dan had his first ever store. Targeted at wine connoisseurs, this flagship space features the most comprehensive collections of rare, back vintage and hard-to-source wines in Australia. By bringing expert wine tasting events and exclusively sourced products directly to the high-street we elevated the brand from premium stockist to an unrivalled market specialist. It's now a leading shopping destination in Melbourne on Tripadvisor.

To position the store staff as specialists, we created a new uniform inspired by brewers and ateliers.
"Dan Murphy’s Cellar is not an exercise in how fast you can fill a shopping basket, but rather a wine and whisky education." - Kim Lamb, Food & Travel Writer

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