The adidas Flagship which became a New York landmark

Leaders not followers

adidas is a giant of sportswear. A big brand calls for big plans, so we needed a gargantuan idea for their landmark concept store in the heart of New York. It needed to elevate their position in the USA, own the future of global sports and cement adidas as the global sportwear authority, setting the blueprint for its future stores across the world.

The launch marked a new dawn for sportswear and drew crowds that queued around the block for a glimpse of the adidas experience.
The stadium - but not as we know it. This is how we rethought the experience, from the fan perspective

Boosting market share

adidas wanted to elevate its position and market share in the USA by creating a new global store concept, one so good it could be rolled out globally.

Creative inspiration

adidas is a brand that understands community and regularly puts the fans – the creators – at the heart of their campaigns. We took the concept of ‘Stadium’ and thought bigger than just the energy of the players and sport. We included the fan experience. Anticipation in all its forms became central to the idea. This was about the human side of sport, the mental and physical preparation that gets us to race day, the excitement and build up to attending a sell-out game. These are the feelings that everyone can relate to, from local sports teams to sneakerheads, fans and athletes.

Take a seat. This is a space to soak up atmosphere. Visitors can join adidas - and founder Adi Dassler - to watch a game.
A big welcome. Stadium architecture lent something special to a flagship store.

adidas NYC: Setting the bar for sports retail globally

Just Style

Capturing the emotion of sport

We collaborated with the visionary team at adidas and architect of record Gensler, to develop the concept on Fifth Avenue. We worked on a plan for the Stadium concept to have maximum impact in New York - thinking about its local retail market as well as tourists. We also thought beyond NYC, and how the concept could roll-out across key cities globally.

Inside the flagship...

We created unique signatures around this concept for sports including basketball, running and football. Everything we designed reflected the energy and emotion of sport - always beyond the field of play itself. Visitors could enjoy the convenience of same-day delivery services, in-store testing and grab and go juice bars as well as full professional training consultations with experts.

The Turf: showcasing how adidas NYC is a place to try out soccer skills, as well as buy the shoes.


+ Reinforced adidas’ position as an authority in sportswear globally

+ Helped drive sales and market share in the USA

+ #thefutureofsport was the No.1 Trending hashtag in the USA

At adidas NYC we flipped the sports script on its head.

Steve Ubsdell, Chief Creative Officer, Checkland Kindleysides

At the 'Home kiosk' tourists could bag local sports merchandise including stickers, posters, patches, flags, tees and foam fingers.


  • Gensler

    Architectural Design

  • adidas Global Team

    Brand Lead

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