Creating a visual identity for Interface, the world’s most sustainable brand

Global brand identity design, for a new world.

As one of the most innovative flooring companies in the world, there’s a good chance Interface is under your feet right now. Our relationship with Interface goes back years - right to the start of their brand journey in fact. We have played a major role in shaping their global brand identity design and strategic brand positioning as a leader in sustainable interior design.

Our branding design agency in London led Interface’s global rebrand across six continents, designing a creative visual identity system which reflected the brand’s close relationship with nature. We developed a full series of distinctive brand assets from a new brand identity design, branded typeface and brand colour palette as well as the creation of global brand guidelines which are used by their brand and marketing teams to ensure brand consistency and recognition - all around the world.

A global brand identity design with weight: Interface’s logotype is the most visible element of their visual identity. We designed this to be a guarantee of quality and a bold statement of their green credentials.
A world of colour: As a natural complement to the brand’s primary colour, we created a modern palette of 29 accent colours, that lend a touch of vibrancy while reflecting the richness in biodiversity.
A pioneer of design: As a world leader in biophilic design and sustainable production, we meticulously crafted their global brand identity design to reflect their unique brand positioning.
Anti-corporate branding design: A creative visual identity design, created to deliver a consistent brand experience design for their clients and customers all around the world.
Great companies deliver a great customer experience: at the heart of our creative strategy was the brand's design astute consumer base, informing the global brand guidelines design.
Positive impact, for people and planet: Built over the past four decades, Interface's global brand identity design holds significant brand equity and recognition all around the world.

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