Evolving Hunter from British brand to global fashion icon

From festival favourite to major fashion player

For this iconic British outdoors brand, we gave the humble wellington boot its big fashion moment - taking it from the countryside to the catwalk and the Pinterest boards of fashion-savvy millennials. As part of a significant brand transformation led by global brand consultant Alasdhair Willis, we designed the brand’s first ever standalone brand experiences.

Amplifying familiar aspects of the British countryside and combining them with the latest immersive retail technologies, we created a Flagship fashion destination for Hunter’s new brand experience, right in the heart of London. Our retail interior design was so commercially and creatively successful, it became the blueprint for Hunter’s brand experiences globally – from their showrooms to experiential marketing pop-ups.

A showstopping brand experience: A custom LED screen premiers fashion shows, festival footage and live weather reports in-store, together with immersive soundscapes throughout the retail interior.
From Glastonbury to fashion capital: A barn like structure carries through from the windows to the retail interior; a literal interpretation of countryside in the city.
Here comes the rain – again: Digital screens throughout the retail interior created a sensorial customer experience transporting city-dwellers to the heart of the Scottish Highlands.
Interior landscaping: our retail store design took inspiration from the British countryside and British weather, with 'puddle' merchandising tables and stately hedgerow space dividers.

Hunter has fashionably crossed over to the urban side

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Sensory brand identity: Headphones in the Boot Room and speakers in the grass-lined lift are rich with immersive soundscapes, transporting visitors to the countryside with gentle birdsong.
Red sky at night: on the basement floor, the kid’s area was designed to have it’s own retail identity featuring a horizon line in the Hunter signature brand red colour.

Global brand experience, localised interior design

Continuing the momentum of the Regent Street brand re-launch, Hunter expanded into other major global retail capitals. For their first store in Asia, we re-imagined their new retail identity to appeal to the Tokyo’s consumer, bringing the best of the Hunter’s brand experience with a Japanese twist. Notoriously Tokyoites don’t leave the city, so our concept was inspired by an imaginary expedition into nature - colliding elements from rare native species with Tokyo’s digital urban design. A forest like shelter and silver birch tree-displays were individually hand crafted to get around the stringent fire codes in Tokyo. The result – a localised customer experience designed with the distinctive retail identity of the award winning London Flagship store, channelling the unique energy of Tokyo.

Establishing a global brand presence: our retail design concept extended to luxury boutiques in Taipei and the Hunter’s showroom in London.
Style Hunter: Our new brand experience design launch coincided with Alasdhair Willis' first brand campaign and stage show at London Fashion Week.

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