Creating a playful, family-orientated brand identity system for ASDA

A creative brand transformation, designed to grow trust.

A household name for millions across the UK, ASDA is the supermarket which has historically been known for its low prices. Faced with an increasingly competitive landscape from discounters, we worked with ASDA on a highly-strategic brand transformation, creating a modern brand identity system and brand communications design to drive brand re-appraisal.

Our creative brand strategy focused on building consumer confidence and trust in the ASDA brand for its quality, instead of the prices on the label. Bringing to life compelling and creative brand storytelling that’s vibrant, personable and playful. Pairing this with a bold and confident brand identity system that drives clear differentiation - in one of the most competitive grocery markets in the world. Our relationship with ASDA has spanned two decades and we have been instrumental in delivering creative brand storytelling, brand identity designs and key category campaign communications in all ASDA supermarkets you walk into.

Bringing the brand back into focus: our strategic branding design consultancy modernised ASDA’s master brand identity system, creating clarity and legibility across channels.
A customer-centric band identity system we created a playful and family-orientated tone-of-voice, to establish ASDA as the people's supermarket and drive brand re-appraisal.
Freshly-picked creative brand expression: our new brand identity system introduced a vibrant colour palette that’s as fresh as the produce on ASDA’s shelves.
Driving trust through transparency: our brand communications design agency oversaw on location and still life food photography, to reflect the creative strategy ‘from farm to table'.
Out in the wild: our brand communications design team toured the British isles, capturing produce stories to increase consumer confidence in ASDA’s quality.
Branding new offerings: in order to become a more convenient place to shop, ASDA launched a range of sub-brands, several of which we’ve designed brand identity systems for.
A clear vision: we re-positioned ASDA’s optical brand with a fashion-forward brand identity design, setting guidelines for art direction and in-store brand communications design.
From food to fashion to George Home: we have produced lifestyle-led brand communications and campaign content for the retailer's extended range online.
Feel at home: as the people’s supermarket our strategic brand identity design has helped establish ASDA as a relatable and trusted British retailer for UK consumers.

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