Taking FaceGym from challenger brand to global beauty disruptor

A workout - for your face.

Goodbye botox, hello facial fitness. FaceGym is the challenger brand that is transforming the beauty industry with its revolutionary facial workouts. Our creative work has contributed to the growth of a global sensation that has won celebrity fans including Alexander Wang and Karlie Kloss. To bring the concept to life we designed a cutting edge and completely scalable facial fitness studio which balances the glamour of beauty with the energy of sport. Once this was established in the UK, we developed a global expansion programme which took FaceGym to the USA and placed it in lucrative locations in Hollywood and NYC, directly in front of America’s celebrity and fitness-dedicated audience.

Blend a custom serum to take home using FaceGym's vegan cold-pressed oils.
The design flows through each space mimicking an experience at the gym through Preparation, Work Out and Cooldown areas.
Experienced therapists deliver tailored workouts to your face for a more youthful complexion.
Equipment like lockers, jump boxes and a ballet bar are used in the place of traditional furniture to create a high-performance environment.
The retail barre at Ledbury Road, London.

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