Creating the world’s greenest science museum in California

Experience the wonders of our green planet

The world’s greenest and most sustainably-designed museum is the California Academy of Sciences. Together with world renowned architect Renzo Piano, we created it’s interior design and visitor experience. Dedicated to exploring, explaining and sustaining life on our planet, the museum houses over 46 million species and supports world-class research that contributes to a more sustainable ecosystem. After understanding how visitors (young and old) learn, interact and engage with the space we created an immersive, playful and sensory journey through the natural history exhibits, aquarium and planetarium, all while exploring the ecological impact of every element of the museum’s interior design and brand experience. Ahead of its time and a pioneer of sustainable architecture and interior design, it remains one of the most iconic green buildings in the world.

World-first sustainable design: Before David Attenborough graced our screens, we created a destination where visitors could experience the world's most vibrant natural ecosystems, in the heart of San Francisco.
Bringing the outdoors in: Inside the dome we designed a circular canopy in which visitors could overlook the butterfly-filled, four-storey Osher Rainforest.
Blue Planet: Travel to the depths of the little-known 'twilight zone' in the Steinhart Aquarium. The interior is designed with panoramic views from the sea bed, it is the most biologically diverse and interactive aquariums on Earth.
Green architecture: The Living Roof is an experience all of its own. Home to local wildlife, it encourages biodiversity while providing the museum's interiors and experiences with green energy and water.

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